Cron Jobs

Cronjobs function is executed every minute with a dedicated cron runner. 

To manage cronjobs use the plugin WP Crontrol.

Troubleshooting Cron Errors: Allowed memory exhausted

To troubleshoot the issue, you need to install the Crontrol plugin. Follow the steps below to find the job exhausting the memory.
  1. Note the time the error happened from the Errors page. If it's a regular error, find the time interval.
  2. Open Crontrol by going to Tools > Cron Events.
  3. Open Cron Scheduled in the top menu and find the jobs that are running at the same interval as found in step 1.
  4. Go back to Cron Events and find the jobs from step 3.
  5. Run jobs one-by-one, leaving at least 5 minutes between runs. Monitor the Errors log in the WooCart dashboard. One of the jobs will show up in the log. Analyze that job, it usually comes from a plugin. You can then either disable that plugin or troubleshoot the issue further with a developer.
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