File Transfer

WooCart runs WebDav, an alternative secure protocol to SFTP and (unsecured) FTP. 

WebDav has two main benefits over SFTP/FTP: files cannot be overwritten because they are locked when someone is editing them, and faster transfer.

Warning: we strongly advise against editing files directly on live stores

It's very simple to crash the store this way and lose access to it. The only way to fix the store after that would be with WP-CLI. We recommend editing files with Theme or Plugin editors. This way, your file changes have to go through WordPress checks that will prevent saving if an error is found.

We also recommend you use WebDav only on staging stores. That way, if something goes wrong, it does not impact your live store.

WebDav Access under the Settings tab

You get the URL, username, and password under the Settings tab that you can then use with your client or the command line. Port is the default for HTTPS, 443.

Once you're finished with the changes, review the staging store, then Publish to Live

WebDav Desktop Clients 

In most cases, you can run the same client as SFTP/FTP. We recommend Cyberduck for Windows and macOS. The URL will not open in your browser.

You can choose WebDav from the dropdown menu for connections. 

On Linux, you have to use davs://  instead of https://.

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