How To Fix Errors

Here's a list of the errors you might encounter if something goes wrong and your store errs or goes offline.

Error 500

Common reason: PHP error caused by the store configuration. You will receive the request ID that you can then find in the Error Logs. Another reason is the database max limit has been hit and the database goes offline for a minute.

How to fix: 

  • Check the Error Logs. Most fixes should be done with WP-CLI.
    • Plugin issue: disable the plugin. If you can't access the admin, use WP-CLI.
    • Theme error: delete the theme folder on the File System and activate the default one through WP-CLI.
  • Check the Server Metrics > Database if the store is hitting resource limits.
  • If the error is not in the logs, check Traffic. Copy the request ID and contact us. 

Error 502

Possible Error: Interruption during the request.

Common reason: Your store is hitting the limit or issues with server configuration. Another reason is that there are more than 4 Kb of headers (metadata) sent to the browser. Plugins that potentially cause this are debugging plugins (Query Monitor) and payment gateway plugins.

How to fix: 

  • Check the Server Metrics if the store is hitting the resource limits.
  • Disable all debugging plugins.
  • Contact WooCart support. 

Error 503

Common reason: Your store is being deployed, you've disabled the store, we are upgrading servers, or your store is hitting the limit.

How to fix: 

  • Deploying: wait for the store to finish deployment (if a new store, setting domain, or publishing to staging).
  • Disabled: enable the store under Settings.
  • Upgrading servers: usually takes less than a minute to upgrade, please wait.
  • Limit: Check the Server Metrics if the store is hitting the resource limits.

Error 504

Possible Error: Request failed to process in the allocated time.

Common reason: The server ran out of PHP workers. This happens when there is a surge of visitors, or if there are many bots crawling your store.

How to fix: Upgrade the store plan or contact WooCart support.

Error 403/444

Common reason: Firewall blocking an assumed bad bot (spam, scrapers, scanners).

How to fix: Contact WooCart support.

Error 423

Common reason: Too many login attempts in a given timeframe which triggered the system to identify the request as spam and block the IP address.

How to fix: 

  • Reset PHP Workers under WP-CLI in the top right of the command interface. 
  • Contact WooCart support if it happens again.
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