How To Fix Errors

Here's a list of the errors you might encounter if something goes wrong and your store errs or goes offline.

Error 500

Common reason: PHP error caused by the store configuration. You will receive the request ID that you can then find in the Error Logs. 

How to fix: 

  • Check the Error Logs. Most fixes should be done with WP-CLI.
    • Plugin issue: disable the plugin. If you can't access the admin, use WP-CLI.
    • Theme error: delete the theme folder on the File System and activate the default one through WP-CLI.
  • Last resort: restore the store from backup. 

Error 502

Common reason: Your store is hitting the limit, or server configuration. 

How to fix: Upgrade or contact WooCart support. 

Error 503

Common reason: Your store is being deployed, you've disabled the store, we are upgrading servers, or your store is hitting the limit.

How to fix: 

  • Deploying: wait for the store to finish deployment (if a new store, setting domain, or publishing to staging).
  • Disabled: enable the store under Settings.
  • Upgrading servers: usually takes less than a minute to upgrade, please wait.
  • The store is over the limit: check the Server Metrics if the store is hitting the resource limits. Either upgrade your store plan or disable some plugins to lower the resource usage.

Error 405

Common reason: There are more than 4 Kb of headers (metadata sent to the browser). Plugins that potentially cause this: debugging plugins (Query Monitor), payment gateway plugins.

How to fix:

  • Disable all debugging plugins.
  • Contact WooCart support.
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