WooCommerce Support by WooCart

With WooCart, you also receive WooCommerce support. We classify support requests into three categories.

WooCart support options

Critical Support

If there is an issue that prevents your store from taking orders, we'll help you fix it. We work to solve these issues within the hour. You can report a critical issue by choosing it from the dropdown on the chat form when you're logged in:

Use this only when your store cannot accept orders and fix is needed immediately.

Example: Your store's checkout breaks, and you cannot accept orders. We find the issue and do a temporary fix to get the store back online.

Regular Support

These include any non-critical support questions, be it recommendations, sales questions, or non-urgent technical issues. We work to solve these issues within 24 hours.

Example: You want recommendations for a fast theme or multilanguage plugin, need an explanation for an error in Error logs, or need help with any of the WooCart features. 

No Support

We cannot help with permanently fixing issues or bugs on third-party plugins and themes.

Example: A plugin keeps breaking your checkout. We will recommend you either disable the plugin or find help with the authors but we cannot fix it for you.

General Guidelines

When reporting errors, please provide as much information as possible: when it happened, how, what were you doing, error code, and a screenshot.

It's hard to help when we receive "my website is offline". It's easy to help when we receive "I was editing products and when I tried to save, I received a 504 error. This happened 10 minutes ago.".

WooCommerce Communities

There are some great support communities available for WooCommerce users. If you're on Facebook, we recommend the group WordPress, WooCommerce Tips and Help Zone that is sponsored by WooCart.

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