Database Management

You can manage the database with the Adminer, a similar tool to phpMyAdmin. 

Go to Settings and find the URL and One-Time-Password (OTP) under Database Management. The OTP is generated on the Settings tab load and is valid for 30 seconds.

Importing a database using WP-CLI

You can import an SQL or gzip database by using WebDAV and WP-CLI. The database tables need to have a wp_ prefix.

  • Upload the database (SQL or gzip) to wp-content folder by using WebDAV
  • Go to WP-CLI and run wp db import "wp-content/your sql filename.sql"  or zcat "wp-content/your sql filename.sql.gz" | db import -.
  • Click Restart PHP Workers so that caches and transients are reloaded.
  • Delete the database from the file system.

Optimizing the database

Run the command wp wcd db optimize in WP-CLI to:

  • Improve DB performance by adding indexes to options and postmeta tables.
  • Switch to the default InnoDB engine for tables. This comes in handy if you've transferred the store to WooCart on your own.
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