Transfer a Store to WooCart

Step 1: Request free transfer to WooCart

We do the full transfer for you, completely for free. You can request the transfer with this form. You need an active account (it can be in the trial period). You can also do the import yourself.

Do not do any changes to your existing store while you are in the process of the transfer.

Step 2: Review your store and fix issues

We'll let you know once the store transfer and optimizations are done. You can then login to the store from the WooCart dashboard.

Make sure to do a thorough review of everything. Some things might have broken with the transfer. When you're happy with the result, move to the next step. 

Image, CSS, and JS optimizations start automatically when the transfer is finished.

Step 3: Set Domain

We recommend putting your old store into maintenance mode so that new orders come only to the store on WooCart. Please note that WooCart does not have an email service and you need to use a separate provider for that. Read Managing your Emails to learn more.

Once you're ready, go to Settings and click Set Domain.

If there were new orders done since the transfer, let us know, and we'll sync them after the process has finished. 

Wait a minute or two after you click Set Domain, and you'll receive nameservers that you need to change at your registrar. Our system catches the change of nameservers as soon as they propagate fully. This step takes anywhere from a few minutes to up to 24 hours, depending on your registrar.

If you have DNSSEC enabled, contact us before you start this process.

Step 4: Copy DNS records

After you receive the nameservers, you can also copy the DNS records. Go to Settings > Domain > Manage DNS.

Usually, you'll need to copy MX records for email sending/receiving and possible TXT verifications, like Google Search Console and similar. See how to add records under Manage DNS.

Your current DNS records are either at your registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.) or at your DNS hosting (Cloudflare, etc.). You can also use DNS lookup to copy them.

Step 5: Change Transactional Emails to Personalized 

Once the store is back online and you're using WooCart's transactional emails, make sure to change the configuration from Shared to Personalized

Step 6: Test the store and emails

Do another thorough test of the store and make sure to test the sending and receiving of emails. If you've moved your live store, we'll do another sync of the orders and customers at this point.

After 24 hours, the images automatically start to be served from CDN. 

Your store now runs completely from WooCart, and you're getting all the benefits of the platform! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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