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How cache works on WooCart

WooCart cache is built for each country and each browser separately. This is to correctly serve multi-language and multi-currency stores without issues. The first load for the country or browser is slower, but every next load is served from cache. The cache is flushed every hour.

When you are testing on the subdomain, your store might feel slow if you're the first visitor for the country or browser. When the store is live, this is not an issue since the cache is quickly built by live visitors.

Cache Plugin

The cache plugin is Redis Object Cache which is installed and activated by default. We do not recommend installing other cache plugins.

Site Cache

Click Flush Cache in WordPress navbar on top.

If you can't access the dashboard, you can go to WP-CLI and click Restart PHP Workers. 
If you want to prevent page cache to be used, you can add either skip_cache=1 as a cookie or as a request parameter. In that case, the responses are no longer cached and will contain X-Cache-Status: BYPASS header.

Image/CSS CDN Cache

If you changed images or your CSS is not refreshing with regular Flush Cache, you need to Flush CDN Cache as well. Go to Addons > KeyCDN and click the link. Clearing CDN cache can take up to 10 minutes.

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