Configuring GDPR Cookie Consents

For full GDPR-compliance your store needs to allow visitors to deny non-essential cookies. Due to a very different installation of each store, this cannot be configured automatically. 

Configuring the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

We recommend the free GDPR Cookie Consent plugin for this purpose. Leave everything on default but the few settings mentioned below.

Disable show again tab, under the General menu.

Use the below notification text that links to your Cookie and Policy pages. You can find it under Customise Cookie Bar.

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website and to show you occasional ads for our products and services. To find out more, read our [policy-page] and [cookie-page]. [cookie_button margin="5px"][cookie_reject margin="5px"]

Make the reject button a link, under Customise Buttons. This way the button is only for the preferred action.

It is your responsibility to make sure all your plugins and themes conform to the GDPR requirements. Read the plugin's documentation for more information.

Disable WooCart's cookie notification

Because you're now using a different cookie notification, you should disable the WooCart default cookie notice.

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