Addons: Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network (CDN) allows us to process more requests in parallel. Cached pages and site assets (images, Javascript, CSS) can be served by a CDN blazingly fast and thus significantly reduce the store load time. WooCart uses as the CDN solution.

All live stores (stores that have the Domain Set) have CDN out of the box. It starts running automatically within 24 hours after the domain is set.

The Development plan does not have CDN.

Loading Videos from the CDN

WooCart's CDN can also deliver videos. For some video embedding plugins, it might not work out-of-box and will require a few short steps to start doing so.

  • Find your CDN URL by right-clicking on any image on your store and View Image.
  • The image will load on an URL similar to
  • Find your video URL in the uploads folder. It should look like /wp-content/uploads/video.mp4.
  • Now, open the video URL on the CDN:
  • Change the URL in the page builder to load the image from the CDN.

Flush CDN Cache

See Managing Cache.

Some of your static files might not load from a CDN

Our system tries to serve images as quickly as possible. In some cases, this means that it will load files concurrently from CDN and your store domain.

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