Addons: Transactional Emails

WooCart stores come with preconfigured Transactional Emails. Shared are for development purposes and Personalized for your live store.

You do not need a SendGrid account, and unlimited emails are included with all plans. You can manage the configuration under the Addons tab.

Shared Transactional Emails

Shared Transactional Emails are a simple solution for testing outbound emails on stores in development. They are shared between WooCart users and are therefore not suitable for live stores.

The Shared Transactional Emails work completely out-of-box and have SPF/DKIM configured. However, there are some limitations of Shared Transactional Emails:

  • The "from" email field is a no-reply address,
  • max 1000 emails sent per month,
  • max 100 emails sent per day,
  • max 50 emails sent per hour.

Once you set up a store on your own domain, we strongly recommend you start using Personalized Transactional Emails.

Personalized Transactional Emails

Personalized Transactional Emails are suited for live stores. You receive a subaccount on SendGrid where you can monitor the deliverability of the emails.

Once your store is configured live on a domain, you can go and enable the Personalized Transactional Emails. 

Step 1: Enable Personalized Transactional Emails

Go to the Addons tab and select the option. You will be prompted to add your email address.

Enter an email address that is either an active mailbox or forwards to your email, or a noreply@ address (not recommended). The system changes the addresses in these settings:

  • SendGrid plugin (WordPress Settings > SendGrid): change the Sending Email address. Optionally add a different Reply Address.
  • WooCommerce (WooCommerce Settings > Emails): change the From:  email under Email sender options.

You will need to do it manually for other plugins or settings that require an email address.

SPF/DKIM settings, for better email deliverability, are configured automatically. If you have an existing SPF record, you need to manually add to it.

Step 2: Confirm SendGrid DNS verification

To finalize the change to personalized, log into your new SendGrid account. The login credentials are shown on the Addon section once the move to personalized emails is finished.

In the SendGrid dashboard find go to sidebar Settings > Sender Authentication. Click on the Domain in the box and then Verify in the top right on the page.

SendGrid Email Analytics

With personalized emails, you also receive SendGrid's analytics where you can review deliverability rates and the status of each individual email sent.

Issues with broken links

If your WooCommerce emails are going out with broken links that stop on the SendGrid domain, disable the click tracking in your SendGrid account.

Using Gmail or non-domain email addresses 

"From" address should never be Gmail or a similar address but always your domain address (,,, etc.). If you use Gmail for answering customers, it is added to SendGrid Reply-To Address.

Monitor Email Activity in SendGrid

Monitor the deliverability and see full email analytics. It's also possible to find each individual email sent and check if it was sent, delivered, and opened which is great for troubleshooting.

Use your own Transactional Email Provider

If you don't want to use Personalized Transactional emails you can set up your own SMTP provider.

Make sure to first disable the preconfigured Transactional Emails by clicking the toggle button.

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