Manage Billing

Billing is handled by our payment processor Paddle. Store plan subscriptions are managed under store Settings while the account billing management is under Account.

Store Subscription

You can manage your individual store subscription under Settings > Store Subscription. You can choose a bigger plan inside the trial period and the increased resources are given immediately. The difference in the amount charged for upgrades and downgrades affects your next rebill.

Downgrades are available if your store does not require more resources than the smaller plan. The store plan can be canceled by deleting the store.

Note: changing resources requires a short downtime. If you're upgrading a live store, we recommend doing this at low traffic time.

How to Subscribe to the Cart Plan

Cart is a plan for tiny stores and can only be selected in the trial period. It is intended for stores with few visitors and as such has low resources and no staging environment. We only recommend this plan if you have less than 10,000 visits per month. Due to these limits, the default selection when upgrading from the trial is the Shop plan.

Account Billing and Invoices

If you'd like to change your payment method, download invoices, or cancel your subscription, open your account page by clicking the user icon in the top right corner and opening Manage your Account. 

To change the billing method, click Manage Billing. Clicking Cancel Subscription cancels your subscription for the whole account and all stores. Your stores remain active until the rebill date.


If you haven't added the VAT ID in the checkout, email and they can do it for existing subscriptions so you are not charged VAT.

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