Import products with images

This is a short guide on how to import products with a CSV file, including attaching images to them. In this example, we are importing simple products without attributes. For more complex imports, see the official WooCommerce docs.

Avoid importing more than 50 products at a time.

Upload images

The first step is to upload the images to the store. Prepare your images so that they are descriptive and do not have spaces in the name. We recommend using a format like this:


When you have all images prepared, go to Media Library by clicking Media in the WordPress sidebar. Open any image and in the bottom right you see a field Copy Link. This is the URL to your image. If you followed the recommended formatting, the link should look like this:

When you're adding the link to the CSV file, you need to change the image name, the rest of the URL stays the same for all images.

Download the CSV template and add products

Please note that HTML is not allowed in CSV templates.

Simple Products

Download the simplified CSV template. These are the supported fields:

  • id: Unique ID of the product. In the future when you update products in bulk with the CSV, use this ID to make sure you're updating the correct one.
  • type: Simple or Variable. In this case, we're adding Simple products with no attributes.
  • sku: The SKU code of the product.
  • name: Name of the product seen on the store.
  • short_description: The description at the top of the product page.
  • description: This is the description shown below the images.
  • stock_status: Enter 1 for in stock, and 0 for out of stock.
  • stock: Stock quantity.
  • weight: Weight in the units of your store.
  • sale_price: Purchase price.
  • regular_price: Regular price in the case the purchase price has a discount. There is a strikethrough over this price. Leave empty if you want to show only one price.
  • category_ids: Category names. If the category does not exist, it will be created.
  • images: Add the image URLs, separated by a comma. The first image is the featured one.

Products with Attributes

Download the variable CSV template if your products have attributes. Besides the above fields, there are four more:

  • Attribute Name: The first column defines the attribute type, like color or size.
  • Attribute Value: The second column adds the attribute values, like red, blue, green.
  • Attribute Defaults: The third column defines the default attribute value.
  • Attribute Global: Enter 0 if the attribute is specific to this product, and 1 if it's global for the store.

For each attribute, you need to copy these four columns. So if you have color and size as attributes, you need eight columns. Once you're done with importing, you need to create variations of the products on the product page and set the stock level.

Upload the CSV

Once you've added all the information to your CSV, go to Products and click on Import at the top.

Follow the instructions to import your products.

Importing large CSVs

If you have a large CSV to import (larger than 3 MB), the best way to do it is to upload it to the media folder, then click advanced options and add the path to the file.

The file path is:

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