Deploying from GitHub

Configuring the GitHub Action

For new workflows, you can use the deploy plugin repository template. For adding the deploy step to existing workflows you need to add:

    - name: Name of your step
      uses: woocart/deploy-action@v5
        url: ${{ secrets.WEBDAV_URL }}
        username: ${{ secrets.WEBDAV_USERNAME }}
        password: ${{ secrets.WEBDAV_PASSWORD }}
        local: "source in my repo/"
        remote: "plugins/my-woocart-plugin"
  • local - points to the folder in the repo that you want to sync. We do not recommend syncing the entire repo as that can lead to slow deploy times and, if not configured correctly, even data removal.
  • remote - path to a remote folder, which will be created if it does not exist. 

You can also sync multiple plugins, config, and themes from the same repository, using multiple steps.

When in doubt about options please check the WooCart Deploy Action for more information.


In order for an Action to know where to sync code changes, you need to configure Repository Secrets on GitHub. Find the credentials under Settings > File Transfer.

  • WEBDAV_URL is the address
  • WEBDAV_USERNAME is the credentials
  • WEBDAV_PASSWORD is the value you get from clicking on the copy button in the credentials field.

Enter these values under Repo > Settings > Secrets using the New secret button.

Use on staging first

We recommend testing the workflow on the staging store first, before changing the credentials to live to avoid any data loss due to misconfiguration.

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