Import a store to WooCart

You can take advantage of our Free Transfer or you can import a store on your own by following these instructions.

Prepare the files

You will need the zipped  wp-content folder and the database dump from your current server, the database must be prefixed with wp_ other prefixes are not supported. 

Create a new store

Create a new store with the Store Wizard and uncheck all boxes in the configuration step. There is no need for those since the import overwrites all settings. 

Import content and database 

Use WebDav to transfer the wp-content folder to WooCart and overwrite the existing folder and files.

The database can be imported with Adminer or WP-CLI

Importing a database with Adminer 

Go to Settings on the WooCart dashboard and get the URL and One-Time-Password for Adminer on WooCart. 

In the sidebar, click Import and upload the SQL file. The tables need to have the default wp_ prefix.

Once the file transfer and database import are done, go to WP-CLI and click Restart PHP Workers to clear the cache.

Importing a database with WP-CLI

The tables need to have the default wp_ prefix.

  • Upload the database (SQL or gzip) to wp-content folder using File Transfer
  • Go to WP-CLI and run wp db import "wp-content/your_dbname.sql" (for .sql) or zcat "wp-content/your_dbname.sql.gz" | wp db import - (for .sql.gz).
  • If WP-CLI complains that tables are already present you need to run wp db reset this happens because the SQL is missing drop statements.
  • Delete the database from the file system.
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