Using LocalWP with WooCart

Exporting a site from WooCart

Go to Backups on the WooCart dashboard and click Download. Download both Store Content and Store Database. Unarchive them, then zip the database and wp-content folder into one file.

Importing a site to LocalWP

Click File > Import Site and select the zipped file.

In the current version of LocalWP, the One-click login does not work for WooCommerce sites so you need to create a new admin user.

Right-click on your local site and click Open Site Shell. Run the command:

wp user create localadmin dev@example.local --role=administrator

You will be given a password that you can use to login.

Importing a site to WooCart

Right-click on your local site and click Export. Follow the instructions in Import a store to WooCart.

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