PixelYourSite proxy for conversion API

PixelYourSite is a popular plugin to add pixels for analytics to your store. It works well and supports all major pixels.

What is Facebook's conversion API and why use it?

With the conversion API, your reporting will be more accurate as it bypasses the user's browser. This way, the events are sent directly from the server even when the browser does not send them (due to an error, ad blocker, or any other reason).

Why use WooCart's PixelYourSite proxy and how to enable it?

With the proxy, the visitors' events are sent from the server, not from WordPress which means fewer requests and faster page load. Buyers or logged-in users still use the regular pixel.

Go to the plugin settings and check the two conversion API boxes and add the API key. 

There are detailed instructions on the plugin's page. Once you've done so, contact us and we'll enable the proxy for the store.

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