Move a store to your client

Follow the below steps to move a store and its billing to your client, while getting a lifetime affiliate commission in return.

Step 1: Your client subscribes to WooCart

If you don't have an affiliate account yet, follow the instructions on our affiliate page

Once you've been approved, go to Paddle dashboard, and under Links choose WooCart - Invite Client. This is a simple page that explains quickly what they're subscribing to but without too many distractions.

Send the link to your client and have them subscribe to the trial.

Step 2: Move the store to your client

Your client needs to give you their user ID which they can find under Account (top right corner). Once you have that, go under store Settings and choose Move Store. Enter the user ID and confirm.

The client still gets the benefit of the 7-day free trial while you get credit for the unused part of the subscription.

Step 3: The client now manages the store

The client has now taken over the billing of the store.

Tell the client to go to account settings in the top right and to add you as a collaborator. Please note your collaborator email has to be different from the one that has a subscription.

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