Due to our focus on hosting WooCommerce, WooCart does not provide email services so we've listed a few good options you can use. 

Once you've chosen the provider, you'll need to set the MX records to start receiving emails. To improve deliverability it's also highly recommended you configure DKIM and SPF records.

Before you finish the email configuration, make sure to use an email testing service that will show you if you missed anything. mail-tester.com is a good option.

Free Option - Zoho Mail

Known as an alternative to many Google services, Zoho also offers email. You can get free basic plan for up to 5 users. Learn more on Zoho.

Low-Cost Option - Rackspace Email  ($3/user)

Rackspace is one of the biggest hosting providers in the world. Their webmail leaves a lot to be desired but as far as reliability goes we've been using them for 10+ years without issues. Probably the cheapest reliable option you can find. Learn more on Rackspace Email.

Premium Option - Google Suite ($5/user)

If you love Google's interfaces, then Google Suite is for you. You receive email that looks like Gmail and 30 GB of Google Cloud space. It starts at $5 per user for the Basic G Suite. Learn more on Google G Suite.

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