Step 1 - Store Name & Location

Store Name
Enter a descriptive store name. It will be shown in the WooCart app and used as the WordPress Site Title.

Store Subdomain
This is automatically prefilled with the store name slug. In the case the subdomain is taken, you will need to modify it on your own. Store Subdomain is used for accessing the store and for CNAME record purpose.

Business Location (taxes and localization)
Choose the country where the store owner's business is located. This is used for configuring taxes and local standards, like date, time and currency. For countries that have regions, the region with the capital city will be selected.

Store Language
Select a language for your store. By default, it's the language of the country the business is registered in.

Selling Location
Select to which regions you want to sell. By default, it's the Business Location country but you can choose from predefined shipping zones. This can always be changed in WooCommerce settings after deployment.

Step 2: Store Owner

This step is optional. You can enter the store owner's company information here. This data will then be used in outgoing emails footer, invoices, in legal disclaimers, on about and contact pages and wherever else it's relevant. If these are not set, dummy data for Acme Corporation is used and you can change it later inside WooCommerce settings.

Step 3: Store Configuration

Add a Blog
This option creates a page named Blog and sets it as Posts page.

Create Turnkey store
Creates a fully designed store that includes products, and adds more pages, like the homepage, about page and the contact page with a contact form. Use this if you don't want to start from scratch.

GDPR compliance
This setting configures data storage and deletion settings based on GDPR-compliant best practices.

Add Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms & Conditions
This creates policy pages and adds content to them. If the policies are unavailable in the selected language, the United Kingdom's policies in English will be used. You can add policies for your country into our public repository, contact us if you need help.

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