For emails to work properly, you need to have a transactional email provider (or SMTP provider) set up. While still developing and testing the store, take advantage of our Shared Transactional Emails where everything comes preconfigured.

Once you're ready to launch the store, you will need to move to your own SMTP provider.

The two providers we recommend are:

  • Mailgun, free for 10,000 emails per month
  • SendGrid, free for 100 emails per day

Configuring an SMTP provider on your store

To set up a provider on your store, install the plugin WP Mail SMTP. It supports both Mailgun and SendGrid.

Follow their instructions to configure the plugin:

Use the Email Test tab to make sure the settings are properly configured.

We can also do this for you, just contact us with your login credentials for Mailgun or SendGrid.

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