To set your store domain, go to the Settings tab and find the Domain settings.

Enter your registered domain name and click Set Domain. This is irreversible and the store will be inaccessible until the process fully finishes. Subdomains are not supported, the only exception being www.domain.tld .

After a few minutes, you'll see the nameservers in the box, and after you've set them and our system registers the change, the final process of SSL certificate installation starts.

Downtime is dependant on DNS propagation and can take up to a few hours. We recommend doing the change at night time for your customers and putting Scheduled Maintenance notification on your store before you start the process. 

If you're not sure how to change the nameservers, here are the help articles for a few popular registrars:

Check nameserver configuration 

To be sure you've configured the nameservers correctly, use a NS lookup service like DNS checker

Make sure the results shown are the same as the nameservers shown in WooCart DNS tab.

Transactional Emails Settings

Once the domain is set, make sure you change your Transactional Emails configuration to Personalized Transactional Emails or configure your own SMTP provider

Using third-party DNS hosting (Cloudflare, etc.)

Please note you cannot use WooCart with third-party DNS hosting. For all features to work correctly, especially staging, you need to use our DNS.

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