With our Lossless Staging you can easily update everything on staging, review it and publish it without loss of orders and other changes that happen in the meantime on the live store.

This means you can update your store on staging while customers shop on your live store and you won't lose the new orders. 

The recommended way to update your store:

  1. Create the staging store.
  2. Login to the staging store and update WordPress, plugins, and theme.
  3. Test and review everything. 
  4. Click Publish to Live. The live store is taken offline, then data is synced to staging store, and then staging is published. This takes only a few minutes. 
  5. Done! Your store is now up-to-date and online.

This way, you can have the store safely updated in just a few minutes. If something goes wrong after updating, you can fix it on the staging environment before publishing the store. 

Automatic Data Sync coming soon with Lossless Staging

Lossless Staging will automatically sync data on Publish to Live. This will allow you to work on your staging store while customers visit and shop on your live store. Coming in January 2020!

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