Transactional Emails are emails sent by the store: order updates sent to the customer or shop owner and contact form submissions sent to the shop owner's email.

WooCart stores come with preconfigured Shared Transactional Emails for development purposes. 

The Shared Transactional Emails work completely out-of-box, there is no setup necessary. However, there are some limitations of Shared Transactional Emails:

  • The 'from' email field is [email protected],
  • max 1000 emails sent per month,
  • max 100 emails sent per day,
  • max 50 emails sent per hour.

Shared Transactional Emails are a simple solution for testing outbound emails. Once you set up a store on your own domain, it is highly recommended you start using Dedicated Transactional Emails or set up your own SMTP provider.

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